Stock market crash: 3 growth shares to buy now as the selling continues

Updated: Feb 5

I’m not enjoying the amount of red I’m seeing on my screen right now. Then again, I’ve been around the block enough times to know that stock market crashes like the one we’re experiencing are temporary.

Instead of hiding behind the sofa, I’ve been looking for great UK shares to snap up. Here are three I’d be keen to buy if things get really scary. CVS Group

Many investors (including myself) are drawn to invest in glitzy themes such as electric cars and robotics. That said, I think there’s one fantastic part of the market that’s easy to overlook, namely pet care. This is why I’m following the movements of CVS Group very closely.

CVS provides veterinary services. Trading over the second half of 2021 was “comfortably in line with full-year expectations” with revenue climbing 11.4% on the previous year.

The mid-cap was also bullish on its outlook, saying that demand remains buoyant due to “increased ownership” and “the humanisation of pets“.

The shares have fallen almost 11% in 2022, at the time of writing, but still change hands for almost 24 times earnings. That’s a little more than I’d like to pay, hence why I’m keeping my powder dry for now. If the sell-off continues however, I’ll be buying the stock quicker than a cockapoo chases a squirrel.

Bytes Technology

Another UK growth stock I’d have no issue in taking a nibble at eventually is Bytes Technology

Last year proved to be a hugely successful one for the software, security, and cloud services specialist. Back in October, it revealed increases of 13.7% and 19% in revenue and operating profit respectively in the six months to the end of August.

As more corporate clients recognise the importance of updating their IT systems, I don’t think this kind of momentum is in danger of reversing soon.

Stock in Bytes has declined 21% in value so far this year. Like CVS Group however, they still aren’t cheap enough to get me buying just yet (31 times earnings).

Then again, this is not the sort of business that will likely trade on a ‘cheap’ valuation. Returns on capital employed — what a company gets back for the money it puts in — are some of the highest I’ve been able to find.

I think shares will only fall so far before they rebound strongly.


A final growth stock that takes my fancy is ingredients supplier Treatt This is another company enjoying robust trading. On Friday, it reported making “a good start” to its new financial year.

Notwithstanding this, it did caution investors that pre-tax profit would likely revert to being more weighted to the second half. This is due to the seasonality of drinks consumption in the Northern Hemisphere.

Since any business needs to keep moving and raising its game, I’m encouraged by Treatt’s ongoing R&D spend. New headquarters are also expected to give the company “substantial extra capacity” to continue growing in the years ahead.

Unfortunately, the valuation — an eye-watering 38 times earnings — is still too rich for me. So while Treatt’s shares are already down 14% this year, I’d prefer to snap up this growth stock when/if markets really start to panic.