GameStop up 150 Percent!

Reddit servers have crashed at the time of writing, and GameStop Corp. is now at $149 in aftermarket trading, up from $44 earlier today! The shares were halted twice before the final bell today!

Shares were halted at 3:40pm ET after gaining 75%, and again 10 minutes later gaining 105%. Trading volume was 5 x higher than it recent rolling 5 day average.

It wasn’t long ago that the GameStop trading frenzy caused the stock to surge 1600% so will it happen again? The new rise comes the day after the CFO was asked to resign to help fuel the companies growth.

Are we about to see the same group of Reddit ‘Pump and HODL’ shares take off again? Keep an eye on AMC, Blackberry and Naked group over the next 24 hours!