NIO DAY 9th Jan - Full Review ET7 & Predicted Stock Price for 2021

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Wow, what a show! NIO’s new ET7 was unveiled today in spectacular fashion.

The company’s first Sudan has some similarities in style to the model 3, with its panoramic roof and space age alloys, but the lines are less rounded at the front and rear. The futuristic lights, including a wrap around blinking rear light looks very stylish. My favourite feature on the exterior has to be the soft closing door! The handle pops out and presents itself when the user is in very close proximity, nice touch.

Interior is chrome, and contemporary, with a similar mminimalist theme to the M3, but with some classy touches like the use of renewable rattan, and microfibre headliners.

NIO are boasting 7 times more computing power than TESLA M3, 33 sensors, and 11x BMP high resoltion cameras for fully autonomous driving. The tech behind this is LIDAR, using watchtower sensors. The internal interface screen is a 12.8 inch AMOLED tablet that gives a beautfily clean picture quality.

Performance is 0-100km/h in 3.9s, with smart air suspension, and a ground breaking 1000km range! This will be a big advantage for NIO, and Tesla will have been taking note.

Pre-orders now being taken in mainland China only, with deliveries expected to being in Q1 2022.

As for our view on the stock price, we remain very bullish. Perhaps a small dip after the weekend, but then a steady climb up to $100 by June.


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