Warren Buffet Just Bought These Stocks

Warren Buffett’s investment company, Berkshire Hathaway, filed or quarter 4 of 2020 this week. Here’s a look at some key trades Buffett has made...

One interesting takeaway is that Buffett has been selling Apple (AAPL). The filing shows that in the 4th quarter, Berkshire sold 58m Apple shares, trimming their position by about 5%.

This move doesn’t surprise us as Apple has had an incredible run over the last few years. In 2018, the stock was trading near $40, but now it’s almost a whopping $130! Buffett has made a huge amount of money already in APPL already.

So what did he buy in the fourth quarter?

  • Telecoms giant Verizon – Berkshire bought about 147m shares here, making the stock a top six holding on their books.

  • Another telecoms player T-Mobile who are investing heavily in 5G networks.

  • Energy giant Chevron – he bought about 49m shares here, making it number 9 in his rankings.

  • Insurance specialists Marsh & McLennan – only about 5m shares but still worthy of a mention.

  • He also bought into pharmaceutical companies Merck & Co and AbbVie

The big takeaway here, to my mind, is that while most investors are loading up on tech stocks right now, Buffett seems to be sticking to more traditional sectors. To me this makes some sense as the giant tech companies seem so overstretched right now.