Where next for white hot XTX

One of the more interesting tokens crypto investors are watching closely today is Tezos (XTZ) This proof-of-stake ecosystem has grown in relevance as a place developers have flocked to for new projects. Accordingly, investors interested in where this project is headed may be interested in Tezos price predictions right now.

The Tezos network is notable for this blockchain’s self-amending properties. Via a complex mechanism, Tezos is able to enact updates without nodes manually doing anything. This reduces risks with the updating process, something long-term investors like in this space.

What this means is that developers looking for a stable platform to launch security tokens have come to Tezos. Non-fungible token (NFT) developers have also started to view Tezos as a platform worth considering. In fact, recent reports suggest that the number of smart contract transactions (mostly NFT-related) on Tezos have trebled over the past year. That’s some aggressive growth.

For soccer fans, there’s another catalyst to watch with Tezos. The blockchain platform has reportedly entered into a £20 million per year deal with MAN UNITED. According to these reports, promotional materials have already been shot, and this is a done deal. As with other high-flying tokens that have recently done big marketing deals, this is a catalyst some investors may have their eye on moving forward. Tezos Price Predictions: What’s Next for XTZ?

For reference, XTZ trades around at $4 per token, at the time of writing.

  • Wallet Investor currently provides one-year and five-year forecasts of $4.97 and $12.15, respectively, for XTZ.

  • Similarly, Gov Capital provides one-year and five-year projections of $7.61 and $30.49 per token.

  • Finally, CoinQuora provides a price prediction range of $3.53 to $5.87 for Tezos. However, this site suggests a lower and upper bound of $2.80 and $10 could be possible as well.