Why Was NIO Down 5% Today?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Shares in Nio were down over 5% at close of play Thursday 18th Feb, so should investors be worried?

In short, no. Nio was just 1 of a long list of EV and clean energy stocks that were sold off today. With PLUG down 10.79%, BLNK down 6.83% to name but a few, it seems that short term market sentiment has shifted away from clean energy for the time being.

As longtime auto investors know, news affecting one company, or a shift in economic sentiment, can bring a broader section of shares down as institutional investors and traders adjust their Portfolios. This process can appear mysterious to those holding one of the stocks in the group, but it's just part of trading.

So now what? I don't think there's anything that longer-term NIO investors need to Worry about, in fact i topped up today and bought some more in the dip! Note that their Jan sales were above expectations, and the company has plenty of cash flow, plus the new Sedan models are on the way, and investors can look forward to the company's 4th qtr. and full-year 2020 earnings report after the U.S. markets close on March 1st.

So HODL the line folks! Nio will soon come good.